Wet Film Thickness Testing

Association of British Insurer Statistics

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) statistics indicate that approximately 6,000 fires occur in commercial kitchens throughout Great Britain each year with the cause of the majority of these being identified and attributed to the grease extraction system!

Insurers may not always settle a claim for loss or damage if the extract system is found to be the cause of the fire and particularly if it can be demonstrated that the system was not regularly and competently cleaned and maintained in accordance with their buildings insurance policy conditions or warranties.

Why We Do It

Controlling deposits and monitoring their build up is essential to maintain hygiene standards and reduce fire risks in grease extract ventilation systems and should be considered a vital aspect of any ventilation system cleaning programme. 

Wet Film Thickness Testing (WFTT) is a technique that is used to accurately assess the level of deposit build up within ventilation ductwork. This testing provides a reliable and quantitative way of measuring the degree of cleanliness of your ductwork, which in turn will help to determine when and how frequently cleaning is required in order to keep your ventilation system compliant.

How We Do It

A visual assessment is the main method to verify the cleanliness of an extract system. The surface of the system should be visually clean and able to meet the guidelines set out in the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) Guide to Good Practice TR/19 standards of cleanliness. 

Once a visual assessment has taken place, Wet Film Thickness Testing further confirms and verifies that the TR/19 standards of cleanliness have been achieved post clean.  

How We Can Help

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